These are my top 10 apps to keep me productive everyday

1. Hootsuite

notice how some of the most active people on social like @JackKosakowski1 , @Timothy_Hughes or @JillKonrath, seem to spend all their time on social?

Apps like Hootsuite and Buffer can make one seem omnipotent, they’re are everywhere on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram etc.


The main features I use Hootsuite for are scheduling; whereby I can schedule a tweet or post to be broadcast at a particular time. Let’s say Thanks Giving is coming up and I want to post a message for my American followers, I can organise the message in the morning and schedule it for 8am EST, 12pm CST and 5:30pm PST

The search function is the other feature I rock which searches Twitter for any search term you wish, which is good for social listening. Let’s say I’m a realtor in New York city and I want to listen to anyone whose searching for ‘new york property’ , ‘buy new york apartment’ or you could get really specific and listen out for ‘2 bed apartment manhattan for sale budget 2million’

Give it go if you haven’t already, the free version let’s you connect 3 social media accounts

2. Twitter

Not worth writing too much on this one, but the feature I enjoy the most are viewing my lists that I’ve built of influencers, movers and shakers. Not to mention the ease of usability of the app over the desktop version

3. Memrise

If you’re learning another language and are too busy for classes, I recommend Memrise app to build your vocabulary quickly. It’s based on spaced repetition which is a more complexed version of the flashcard system or massed repetition ie. learning a bunch of words all at the same time in the same order.

If you are shown an item that you saw very recently (massed repetition), you are more likely to see it as familiar, redundant and boring, and so you’re not likely to give it your full attention. On the other hand, if you are shown an item that you last saw a while ago (spaced repetition), your memory of it will be weaker, and so your interest will likely be higher and you’re more likely to pay attention.

source: Memrise

4. Linkedin

Got to be honest, the app is not that great although I’m a premium account holder, that doesn’t mean all the feature are available on the app. Used mostly for who has viewed my profile and responding to the direct messenger

5. Facebook

other than seeing what my friends did on the weekend, FB is slowly becoming a place to connect with Linkedin people too ie. customers and clients

6. Audible


not sure if the Oracle of Omaha actually said this, but I sure hope he’s right. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for reading and need a rest from the Kindle, Audible is great, can listen to a book instead and keep a look out for promotional offers

7. Stitcher

As an Android user we don’t have itunes so we don’t have podcasts either. Stitcher fills this void and brings podcast to us Android users, I usually listen toFreakanomics Radio, Tim Ferriss podcast and Problogger podcast


8. Pocket

This has been a godsend in the last 6 months, how it works is like this. I’m scrolling down Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter and I a link to a page of valuable content that I want to read like ‘how to build a kickass inbound strategy in 12 easy steps’ or ’15 wordpress plugins every blog must have and why’

There are literally hundreds of these pages all over the web that when I view them, I just don’t have the time right there and then to read them. So a solution would be to perhaps, copy the link and email it to myself in the hope that I’ll remember or I could click a button and they get saved in my Pocket app, so that I can consume later, much easier. Thanks Pocket people, you rock!

9. PhotoGrid

It started off with collage pictures of my children then grew into memes for friends and social media, here’s one of my friends, here’s one I prepared earlier


10. Deezer

Got to have some music, got introduced to this app from my friend Bej Shah , plays all the music I want and I can download it too


Some great apps that I literally use everyday, so you can imagine the horror when this happened


2 weeks without my phone, I had to resort to a Blackberry Q10 not exactly a One-Plus-One and could do half the things I wanted it to. Anyway the universe is complete again as I got it fixed

If you have any other apps that could be added, really keen to see what you have on your phone