marketing ideas for landscaping businesses

8 Marketing Tips for Landscapers

Ask any reputable landscaping company to design, supply and install a new outdoor space for your home and I’m certain they would deliver.

Ask the same company to develop online marketing strategies for a landscaping business, that is

    • Visually appealing
    • Follows good online practices
    • Creates interest for the user
    • Looks credible
  • Trustworthy

Most importantly, speaks to search engines in a way that helps the company get found. It’s understandable that the landscaper will need guidance on all the above. Here are our quick 8 marketing tips for landscapers that are working for our clients

Marketing Tip #1 Clickable Number:

Have a look at your Google Analytics and I’m certain you’re website is getting the same, if not more mobile traffic than desktop. 

marketing for landscapers google analytics

All our clients are receiving more enquiries from people on cell phones too. So makes sense to not only mobile optimise your site and create clickable buttons where the user can call you quickly

Here’s a link to making your phone number clickable on WordPress

Marketing Idea #2 Adding Contact Forms

Think about your customer when they’re researching for a local landscape business. They could be looking for something specific like paving and concreting or a complete back yard makeover

If you’re lucky enough for them to land on your site, they are making up their mind within seconds whether your fit for purpose. If you are, more than likely they’re looking for a way to ask a question

How easy is it for a visitor to ask you a question?

Do they have to find the menu (more difficult on a mobile than desktop)

Click Contact Us

Then fill out a form?

That’s 3 steps, they may be impatient… or the husband/wife/kids/dog might have interrupted them whilst they were looking for your contact us button

Let’s make it easy and insert a few contact us forms on the main page, similar to this one below. Fill it out if you want to get in contact with me about any of these strategies

Marketing Idea #3 Good Layout

This is a subjective topic and can cause some friction between team members, clients and spouses of clients. Everyone seems to have an opinion on colour, font style and images. One’s preferences of image for the home page will be frowned upon by another

When  marketing your landscaping business, we follow the ABC’s

Attention: does the page immediately grab your attention

Bold: are the letters bold enough

Clear: Is the messaging clear

When we view our clients sites on mobile devices it becomes obvious that we need to reduce (delete) a fair bit of content 

Examples of good layout


If you’d like one of our team to look at how your homepage abides by the ABC’s, send us an email

Markeitng Idea #4 Projects Page

We’ve found that Projects pages can serve two purposes;

    1. Shows the user what your work looks like
  1. Great for SEO in your city or town

Let’s cover the first, we’ve searched for your service and you’re lucky enough to be found based on lots of Google’s factors of which there are 200 (2016)

A customer likes what they see on the front page and would like more reassurance you’re a potential candidate. They may have a look at what you’ve done in the past, as well as see some reviews more on that soon. If they’re are satisfied more than likely they will reach out, depending on how urgent their need is

Why not kill two birds with one stone and create a projects page based on the suburb/city of that project. Some may refer to this strategy as being manipulative and they’ll be half correct.

If this is done in a way that is obvious to search engines you may get penalised, however our way has proven to work for ranking in a particular suburb/city by following this method of content writing

    • A brief description about the job
    • What the client wanted
    • Why they wanted it
    • How they found us
    • Describe the initial consultation
    • Which options were available
    • Duration of the job
    • What were some of the challenges (usually weather)
    • What were some solutions (usually waiting till it stop raining)
    • Before and After photos
  • Testimonial from client

Now, this ticks a lot of boxes for search engines. It’s informative. It’s of high value, and usually contains 700-1000 words. The content contains images, subheadings and is structured in a way that is meant to educate the reader

We’ve done this with many of our clients and the pages in question usually ranks within 48 hours for that suburb.

Marketing Tip #5 Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews are an overlooked aspect of your online reputation. Most of our clients have got great reviews from many of their loyal clients. The major issue most of the time, is that said reviews are sitting in their inbox and not on any platform where new customers can read

There are many online review sites like

    • Yelp
    • Yellow Pages
    • Online Directories
  • Better Business Bureau etc

Our two main focuses with our clients are Google My Business and Facebook. We have an email template that gets good responses when sent out. If you want a copy email at [email protected]

Marketing Tip #6 Good On-Page SEO

No list of online strategies would or should be complete without mentioning SEO. The reason why we left it so late, is because we understand how many times a week someone is pitching you SEO.

As an agency who is an expert in (Landscaper/Gardening Services) SEO, we get 10-15 emails a week. No one is immune to the dreaded spam email of

Dear Sir/Madam

I can get you on the front page of (insert search engine)

With such an in depth topic, we are going to keep this simple

Decide what your main business is and focus the home page for that and only that. If you’re main business is garden landscaping for instance, optimise the following for Garden Landscaping in your city/town like so

Title: 20+ Yrs Garden Landscaping Experts in Chicagoland

Meta: Get in contact with the team at XYZ for all your Garden Landscaping needs within Chicago on 326-333-444 today

H1 Tag: Chicago’s Premium Garden Landscaping Team

Similar to this company below although this meta could do with some work. There’s more to this SEO game, but focusing on one thing for your home page is a good start

on page seo marketing for landscapers in chicago

Want to go a bit deeper in the SEO? Check out Backlinko’s 16 key factors to on-page seo here

Marketing Tip #7 Citations/Directories

What are citations you ask?

They are online reference of your business like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Apple Maps etc. Where your business name, phone number and web address can be found. For an indepth explanation on citations see Moz’s article

Marketing Tip #8 About Page

We’ve managed to do some cool things with About pages, in particular rank for where the business is located + keyword, for instance Chicago+Landscaper. Similar to the projects page above, the About page can act as a big piece of content about the owners of the business discussing in details some things like

    • Why they started the business
    • What are some goals for the future
    • Achievements
  • Challenges


Depending on where you are in your business, you may not need all of these tips above but a combination of others. Get in contact if you need help and we can discuss your specific needs further