Adwords Step by Step Guide 2017

In this article we will show you how to set up your first Google Adwords campaign. As a digital marketer I find the industry likes to make things as complicated as possible for business owners. Adwords, PPC, Organic listings, map pack. All sounds like gobbledygook if you haven’t spent time understand this world.

Honestly, some of things I’ve seen from clients previous providers, I don’t even understand..

The below video will show you how to set up a Google Adwords Campaign which will include:

  1. Select whether you want to be shown only on Search Network or Display as well

adwords screenshot

2. Under Networks do you also want to include search partners. I don’t as I only want customers from Google and not other websites

3. Set your location. If you’re a plumber and only serve within the city then choose that city. As I’m setting up for a nationwide e-commerce store, I choose New Zealand

4. Set your daily budget and cost per click. I noticed in my previous post about keywords that the cost per clicks were below $5. So I’ve set the CPC to $5 and daily budget of $20

cpc adwords screenshot

5. Leave Ad extensions for now and click Save and Continue

6. Create AdGroup. Adgroups are exactly that, to group together keywords for specific ad groups. Plumbers might have a group for ‘bathrooms’ and another for ‘drainage’ for example. Then click continue to ads

adwords grouping

7. Time to create the ad. Final URL is where the customer would end up on your website. Only 30 characters can be used in both Headline 1 and 2. This is where copywriters are worth investing in . The difference between someone clicking your ad and another can be done to the copy created . In the video below, I have a look at the competition. It’s a short way to get an idea of what others are doingad creation for adwords

8. Once you’ve created the ad and they are approved. A good idea to hit ad extensions and create these to guide users to certain parts of your website. Add in some ‘Negative keywords’ like ‘free’ ‘cheap’ and anything else you think you don’t want to attract

To see how I created a Google Adwords campaign for Smart Surveillance based on my Keyword Research Process, see the video below.

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