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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is super important for all businesses. It’s those search terms we put into Google to find what we are looking for, we do this instinctively when we want to solve a problem. For a business owner, getting this process right forms the basis of your online marketing effort including Google Adwords campaigns and SEO

Second guessing what your customers are searching for online is never a good idea. If I’m a plumber I can assume people are looking for ‘Plumber + city’. That would be a good assumption and you’re probably correct. But what about other keywords like ‘leaking tap’ or ‘how to fix a leaking tap’ ? Although these are not very ‘buyer intentional’ keywords, it’s important to get a full picture of your customers

This is where having a process to know EXACTLY what your customer is searching for is super vital.

How to read your customers minds

Google has made it super simple to tell you what your customers are searching for. Autocomplete was introduced a few years ago, you know when you’re searching for something and similar searches appear just below the text box?

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These other search terms are from other people searching for similar things. Keeping with the plumber theme we’re able to search for all things that a plumber can do. The keywords can become quite comprehensive depending on services for bathrooms, drainage, 24hr service, boilers, commercial, food service and so on.

Created a list of Keywords now what?

Now that you’ve gone through all your services and found the keywords you’d like to use, what now? Two things you can do with these is both

Create an Adwords Campaign

The Adwords campaign can be used to get your business to the top of Google through Pay Per Click. This is a good short term strategy especially if organically you’re not on page one

Create content

Writing a blog post on ‘how to fix a leaky tap’ might not sound like a good way to get new customers. But could be a good way to build trust with prospects at the top of the funnel, so that in the future they trust you enough to buy

There will be some keywords that are have a low buyer intent like above, then there are those with urgent need like ’emergency plumber + city’. Only you can pick and choose which keywords suit your customers and based on volume (see video below) know which will have a good chance of being found

I hope this has helped and if you need more information watch the video below or get in contact