Online Marketing for Small Business 2017

30,500,000 results in Google for this search term, so it’s safe to say there is a lot to say about online marketing for small businesses. It would be too easy to make a list of 100 things that businesses can do to increase their online presence. Here’s a short list of 5. Why 5? Well, if you commit a weekend to doing these things you’ll have a good

Claim your Google My Business listing

Go ahead and Google: ‘Google My Business’

If you haven’t done so already and claim your free business listing. If you need help setting it up and have look at this post I did for my barber friend in Auckland

Here’s what my listing looks like, great for local businesses like cafes, restaurants, accountants and hair dressers. Especially if someone is not familiar with the area so asks Google what is around. If you have a fan base that love you, their reviews help with dominating your online marketing presence

screen shot of my listing

Create your Facebook Page

Got teenage kids? Need to find a way to connect and have some family time? Perhaps bringing them into your business and requesting them help with our online marketing. Let them loose on the layout and wording too you can always change it.

Why not include them on some of the photos too. Including family members into your corporate photos is a great way to humanise your company. I get many complements about the slider on my homepage with my family. This is the image I used originally

marketing consultant nick manarangi

So glad I went with my instinct, in fact I showed a client this image and his exact words were

‘if you had that picture on your website, I would never of contacted you back’

Along with your Google My Business to gather reviews, start asking your customers and friends to leave some here too

Start Blogging

I’m sure I’m not the first nor will I be the last that will tell you this. Start a blog. If I can do it, so can you. I think my writing sucks, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you try and put down on paper (screen) who you are, what you do and most importantly why you do it. Online marketing isn’t about trying to win any literature awards, It’s about creating credibility with your audience and showing your human side

Start off slow, like 1 post a month. Set aside time when the kids if you have any, are not around and just write. Who cares if it isn’t well structured, how else are you going to get better?

Create how to videos

Not keen on writing? You might be better suited to being in front of camera. I cringe when I hear my voice played back to me. I’m still in amateur mode with that. I’m not out to win any oscars either. I’m trying to give away something for free with some of my how to videos similar to some people that I admire on Youtube

It’s not all about you and your product. ‘Enter your details here and one of our helpers will get back to you’. Calls to actions are great for online marketing, but not the be all and end all. The best companies are giving away lots of information for free. We call it ‘adding value’. It works

Recently I’ve discovered someone who has 100’s of hours of content on his Youtube channel for free. I signed up for his e-newsletter. He provided an offer to a training for $47. I bought it with no hesitations because he gave me so much free value up front, that $47 was very cheap compared to what he had already given me

Google Adwords

It’s fierce competition on Googles platform and they keep changing things on us. Only recently the Google 3 pack was 7. The first 4 companies on page 1 are adverts, the next is the 3 companies in the map. Then the top 10 in organic search. All up, the first page has a maximum of 17 organisation ! If you’re reading this in 2018, it might be out of date. For a step by step guide, check out my Google Adwords Campaign set up guide for an indepth view on Pay Per Click, check out the experts over at Hubspot

I hope you found some value here, if you need any help with the above get in contact