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What to Expect from an SEO Consultant

Here’s a checklist for you to use as a guide, but it is no means definitive and some considerations that are not immediately obvious

Initial consultation

For me this is not the opportunity to launch into a sales pitch. It’s to get to know 3 important pieces of the puzzle

  1. Why is your business looking for search engine optimsation services?
  2. What online marketing activities has the business performed in the past
  3. What are their expectations from SEO

Starting with Why tells me a few things about the client which can be either;

  • They have a good understanding about SEO, but lack the skill or the time to implement a strategy
  • They have very little knowledge about SEO, but someone told them it will magically grow there business
  • They’ve had SEO done in the past usually at a very cheap cost. Not only did it not work, but the experience was not enjoyable and they are very cautious about anyone else

Industry Expertise

Although not entirely essential as techniques in SEO are universal. However if you do find someone that has previous knowledge of your industry, it’s a bonus

We ask Hari Menon for his input:

“Long ago it didn’t really matter too much if the agency didn’t have experience in your industry. However, like everything online, the technology gets better, the competition catches up and it’s harder to rank. This is where expertise in your industry can really separate the generalists from the specialists. Choose wisely”

Understanding customers journey

Different from how revenue is generated, this is more about customers journey and sales cycle. Take two different SaaS businesses; one is a monthly subscription at $49 for small businesses the other is a Enterprise CRM starting at $1.2m

The monthly subscription will not need as many decision makers as the $1.2m product. The latter will require many more touch points, as more people will be in the decision making process

Complimentary Skills

As you’re working with a consultant and not an agency I will assume they may have had a previous life, outside of digital marketing consulting. I know SEO’s who were once lawyers, accountants and lawn care business owners who saw an opportunity and went all in

What other skills does the consultant bring to the table, that can be utilised in your business.

Technical ability

Until now we’ve discussed soft skills, where the rubber meets the road is where we get into the technical side of this industry. How can someone take all your goals, needs and wants and translate that into a definitive strategy to accomplish all this?

A detailed plan should be produced after the initial consultation that should be customised to your specific needs


SEO, SEM, CTR, Google Algo Updates, Guest Blogging.. it all sounds very confusing and high tech. How good is the SEO Consultant at educating you on all these technical terms, in a way that reduces the jargon and increases trust?

If you’re not sure why backlinks are important ask for a detailed explanation. Keep asking questions until they’ve given you an answer that you understand and translates to ROI


Just like when applying for a job, we must show what we have done in the past. This really is for piece of mind that we are interviewing someone who is competent, the same goes here

Some questions you can ask is

  • Have you produced results for a company like mine?
  • What similar industries have you worked in?
  • What challenges did you encounter with your previous clients?

All very standard, but very important. If you are lucky enough to find an SEO that has experience in your industry great!


The initial consultation went well..

The proposal hits on all the goals you want to achieve..

The Price is good value for money..

But… How will know all this work the consultant is doing is doing anything?

Below is a screen shot of a client, this company receives a monthly report sent directly to their inbox’s. A few days later we go over the report on the phone as our monthly catch up

SEO Report

seo consultant reporting software


What do SEO Consultants Do?

The job of a search engine optimization consultant is to improve search engine performance by analysing, reviewing and improving websites

How much does an SEO consultant cost?

This varies between low end of $300 per month up to $10,000. Depending on size of market & competitiveness of keywords. Get in contact to know more

Is SEO worth the money?

SEO is the process of making your website more visible to your customers. The more customers find you the more business you generate. It is worth the money, when done correctly

Why is SEO so expensive?

SEO is a method to increase the relevancy (content, pages) and authority (links from other websites) to appease Google algorithm. This process is unique to each website, unfortunately this takes time and resources which makes it seem expensive compared to other forms of traffic (FB or Google Ads)

Need a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant?

Hope you enjoyed this quick guide, if you have any questions regarding hiring an SEO get in contact