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Wellington, NZ

The capital city of New Zealand is home to some 496,000 people, according to Wellington NZ. That’s a sizable market for any business and with the right SEO Wellington consultancy, businesses can really thrive. Whether you’re a small or large business, search engine optimisation can help increase your customer base.

SEO Disclaimer: Search engine optimisation is not a quick fix solution and takes time ( 3-6 months) to have real affects. If you need customers today then perhaps pay per click advertising like Google Ads or Facebook Ads is best suited to your situation. If you’re a Wellington based business wanting more information on seo or other digital marketing strategies, get in contact with the team

The Client:

David from Suntamers approached me after seeing one of my video’s about seo on YouTube. His request was the same as most of my clients:

How do I get more clients with SEO?

David has been in the Wellington window film industry for many years and is passionate about what he does. What I liked about David is his ambition to grow his business not only in Wellington but in the surrounding areas . He had a basic understanding of digital marketing but not the ability, nor the time to apply search engine optimisation

The Goal:

Get to number #1 spot in Google for anyone in Wellington area looking for the below keywords:

“Residential Window Tinting Wellington”

“House Window Tinting Wellington”

The SEO Process:

Competitive Analysis: Before diving head first into his site with search engine optimisation. It’s important to know how the (previous) current #1 ranked company got there. Things I wanted to know was

Word count on home page

How many links pointing to the site

What does the on-page + meta + title look like

What I noticed was that the competition in Wellington were doing SEO only slightly better than David. His home page wasn’t optimised and his meta wasn’t set so I changed it to

wellington SEO

I tried not to over optimise this by including Window Tinting too many times or, including too many suburbs etc. The call to action is something I’ve used in the past and fits quite nice.

External Linking

It’s important when writing content online to link to external sources. Moz’s give’s us 5 reasons why you should. For me it shows search engines that you’re referencing; just like in university.. that you’re showing love to a source related to your content

In this case it was easy, the site already mentioned the suppliers for Suntamers so I inserted links accordingly

website optimisation internal linking wellington

Internal SEO Linking

For a good description about internal linking see Yoast’s article click here ——–> search engine optimisation linking

I increased the word count on the home page with some more content and added some internal links. See below the first link goes to a services page, then the 2nd to a supporting page


Suntamers had a decent number of backlinks , but the competition had a few more. I downloaded the one’s that were missing from ours and got one of the team to manually build them. Don’t expect these to index immediately some may takes months !

The Results

The Ranking

Hutt Valley Porirua Wellington SEO Marketing Results

The Testimonial:

“Thanks Nick for the awesome SEO work you have been doing for Suntamers NZ. Your knowledge and energy has made a huge improvement to our online presence and turnover”

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