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What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”

In simple terms it’s using on-site and off site techniques to get traffic from the organic search results. I previously wrote about 5 steps to online marketing for small business and purposely left out SEO.

There are over 200 factors that Google uses in their algorithm to determine page rank. The internet is full of information, if you want to learn more start with MOZ .

What are the benefits of SEO

Increasing new customers to your site: with internet searches via mobiles on the increase, we are finding products and services more with searches. How is your website looking to new customers? Are they staying around and browsing or hitting the back button and finding someone else?

Better ROI than Pay Per Click or Google Adwords: How much are you paying Google every time someone clicks on your advert. As a short to mid term strategy, Adwords/PPC are the best to see ROI. However, unless you have very deep pockets, campaigns can become very expensive

Keep ahead of the competition: First it was the nice brochures for door to door salespeople. Then came the telephone followed by the fax. Afterward email made an appearance and now websites and social media. How are you standing out from  your competition and more importantly are you where your customers are?

Build Trust with customers: with an overload of information, your customers want to be educated on best services, before buying. This trust building can be achieved with how to videos, insider information and relevant content

Brand Awareness: It’s great that we have so many tools to broadcast our message. The problem is we have so many tools to broadcast our message, that it’s all very noisy. Building a brand takes consideration and careful planning

Here is a short video below, explaining SEO and Lead Generation

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